Actor Headshots

An essential tool for any actor in Film/TV or Theatre. It's worth doing some research and preparation to get the most out of your shoot.

Most actors in today's business want multiple looks in order to show a range of character types. It's important, before you set up your photo session, to have a solid idea of what kind of looks you want so we can work together to nail them in your headshots.

If you have an agent, I highly recommend getting their input on this. Ask for examples of what they'd like to see.  Also get advice from your acting coaches and your colleagues, and do your own research into the characters you can play and the parts you want to submit for.


It's best to bring plenty of options. Remember the old saying - 'better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it'.

Concern yourself mostly with what's above the waist. All you will likely need for bottoms is a favourite pair of jeans for casual shots, and in some cases pants or skirt for a business look. Shoes don't matter, except that they should be comfortable. Leave the extra shoes at home, and use the bag space for more tops.

Avoid bold or busy patterns & prints, high-contrast stripes & checks, logos, numbers, and words.

Subtle plaids and patterns & faded prints can work just fine, but solids are essential.

Bright colours can work in some cases, especially with kids, but subtle or dark colours are usually better. Black, white, and grey all can work, especially when layered with colours. Speaking of layering - yes! Bring jackets, blazers, vests, hoodies and sweaters.

Texture is good - it can help tell a story & give a more touchy feely quality.

Include basics such as plain t-shirts or (for women) tank tops in dark colours or black. Women, also be sure to bring the proper bras for your tops.

If you are doing a business look, you really should bring at least a blazer, but preferably a full business outfit. 

Hair and makeup

Women, I highly recommend using my makeup artist. That will usually be Anya Ellis, who is one of the best in the city and has been at it even longer than I have. Here is her fashion work - You can view her headshot work here on my site. As you can see, she has a very natural style and will not make you look overly made-up. It will take about an hour to do your hair and makeup, but might take longer depending on how we're doing your hair.

As much as possible, you should arrive with clean face, nails and hair. That said, some of you have better results if your last hair washing is the previous day - that's fine. It's a good idea to bring your own mascara, and if you have dark skin, your own foundation.

Men, I generally recommend not using makeup, as I prefer the texture of men's skin as-is. I can take care of small blemishes afterward through retouching. That said, some men do better with makeup if they have blotchy or uneven skin tone or are very shiny. If you're just a little shiny, I'll have something on hand to take care of it. If you aren't sure, let me know and we will figure it out beforehand. Same goes if you aren't sure what to do about your hair.

Occasionally, men will want to do some shots with facial hair and some without. That's no problem, just remember to bring your shaving gear.

Shoot Day

Please give yourself enough time. If you've scheduled your time too tightly, you add stress to the mix. That said, if you are running a few minutes late, don't freak out. It's better to arrive late but calm & confident than for us to spend the first half of the shoot just getting you to relax.

We will likely shoot for 1.5 to 2 hours, but sometimes it takes a little longer, especially if you are somebody who takes more time to warm up. Please let me know at the beginning of the session if you have time restrictions so I'll be sure not to let us get too chatty and make you late for a rehearsal, workshop, or audition.

It's a good idea to time your eating. If you arrive hungry, you'll be starving by the end of the session and that can distract you. Women - you will be spending at least an hour in the makeup chair, plenty of time to digest a good breakfast or lunch (or bring a snack if that's your preference).

Men - you'll be shooting almost right away, so better to avoid eating a huge meal right before.

After the shoot

You will first receive your photos as digital proofs, usually within 48 hours. They will be sent to you via email as a direct download link to a secure, ad-free, file share site. You simply click the link and the files will transfer to your computer or tablet. You may have to click on the folder to 'unzip' it. This folder will likely be in your devices 'download' section, depending on your settings. The images will then be yours to view as you like, without further need for internet.  This link can be used multiple times and forwarded as you choose.

These proofs will have basic corrections for colour and brightness, but no retouching. They are medium resolution, designed for fast downloading, and mostly for selection purposes.

Once you've chosen which shots you will publish, I will apply more detailed corrections and retouching as required, then send them to you in a higher resolution (still web friendly, but better quality).

Retouching fees are included for the first 3 choices. For retouching of additional photos, fees range from $20-$50 each, depending on the work required.


8"x 10" prints with the actors name printed on them, often called repros or simply 8x10s, are required at most auditions. There is really just one place in Vancouver that does them right - Rocket Repro. You can place your order directly with them here -

You do not need to provide Rocket Repro with the image file(s) for your order, I will send it to them.

Here's how it works:

Go to the web order form, then scroll down to the last section 'Select image/photo source'. The first box will read 'I am attaching the digital image to this order'; using the arrow at the right of the box, scroll down to 'My photographer is sending the digital file' and select that. Then fill in the next box with the file number and the last box with my name. Voilà!