Poster and press photo with stand-up comic Jesse Carroll

Jesse needed a new poster for his upcoming performances in Australia. His material is challenging and political, so we wanted to give some clues to that effect, but also capture some intimacy, as a good comic will make you feel as though you have a connection.

This is our third shoot together, and it feels like we really nailed it on this one. I'm looking forward to catching his show.


Acting headshot session with Robyn Westcott

I'm quite thrilled to have been able to do an update with Robyn. She's as charming as she is gorgeous, and is genuine and comfortable in front the camera.

We'd originally scheduled the shoot for a week earlier, but a cold had robbed me of my voice, which is a most essential tool for directing, so I postponed. It must have been fate, because after we'd finished shooting in the studio, I noticed a golden glow coming in through the space beneath the door. Sure enough, the sky had gifted us with beautiful late afternoon light, so we stepped out to get a completely different look and nice finale to a rewarding session.

Shot December 14th 2015 at XX studio in east Vancouver. Hair and makeup by Anya Ellis.


Acting headshots with Darrell Izeard

Darrell and I first shot together back in the 90s (!!!) and we became instant friends. He was something of a regular around the studio until he moved to Montreal many years ago, and I always loved his energy and how we really 'got' each other.

I was thrilled to get a call from him after we'd been out of touch for a while, and after a couple more lengthy late-night phone chats we finally got back in the studio together for a long-overdue headshot session.

Shot December 10th 2015 at XX Studio in east Vancouver.

Acting headshot session with Iris Truong

This is Iris and my eighth shoot together, and it feels like we are old friends. It's exciting to watch her grow into a bright and charming young lady and I look forward to bragging one day about having taken her photos when she was 'just a kid'.

I decided, for this shoot, to continue with the 'new' approach I've been taking - plain backdrop, tight frame, clean lighting; but couldn't resist doing a handful of shots on the antique pink sofa.

Shot December 7th 2015 at XX Studio in east Vancouver.


Business portraits with the Light House team

Light House are a group of consultants and specialists dedicated to the advancement of sustainability in the building and construction industries.

They were about to give their website a polish and needed some help in the headshot department. I was able to bring my studio to their offices and shoot the whole team in an afternoon. I guess they must love their work as much as I love mine because it was a very fun shoot with tons of positivity, as you can see in the photos.